We May Have A New Leader For Worst Coach Ever

Apart from the obvious athletic benefits, there are plenty of reasons why a parent might want their son to join the high school football team. The young man stands to learn so much about responsibility, commitment, and teamwork: qualities that prepare him for a life in the real world. These are good things.

Guns and Drugs
(We didn’t think it warranted mention, but no, this is not what to bring on a ride with your student-athlete.)

Somewhere in that mix of positivity, though, the signals must have gotten crossed at Deerfield Beach High in Florida, where Dadrion Wilson is an assistant football coach. Police pulled over a car in which Wilson was a passanger and, as luck would have it, one of his players was driving. Then the fun began.

As the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL explains, the fact that the traffic stop was at 1:40 a.m. was the least of the problems:

Police said they saw Wilson drop a small bag of cocaine as he stepped out of the passenger seat.

After an officer put Wilson in the back of a patrol car, the officer searched the vehicle Wilson had been in and reported finding a loaded handgun inside a passenger door compartment, according to an arrest report.

Drugs and guns! And yes, drugs, plural; when Wilson got out of the car, there was about four grams of weed on the seat next to where he’d been sitting. That’s a problem.

As for the driver, that’s be Donte Dotson, whose name we can use because he’s 18. He’s not charged with any drug crimes as yet, but he did roll through a stoplight, prompting the traffic stop. To be fair to Dotson, however, there’s a plausible excuse why he may have done that:

[Dotson] was charged with driving without a license, records show.

So really, given everything we’ve learned about what happened, doesn’t it seem almost a foregone conclusion that it would all happen at 1:40 in the morning? That’s not afternoon behavior. Afternoons are for delight.