We Pegged Hoboken As A R.W. McQuarters Town

The NEWARK STAR-LEDGER (via HHR) reports today that “Some people in (Hoboken) City Hall are kicking around the idea of renaming the block of Washington Street between 14th and 15th Street after our neighbor who led the Giants to one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history.

Eli Manning

That “neighbor” is Eli Manning, who lives in a building near the intersection

Great idea, right? What could it hurt naming the street after #10. And even “repainting the entire street ‘Giants blue’ — temporarily.

We just wish we could report that all Hobokenites were really excited about the prospect.

They aren’t. Excerpt:

Marcia and Pavel Pribylovsky of Weehawken were um, less excited about the idea. “I think it’s insane,” said Pavel. “Kudos to him, but it’s not worth renaming the street,” said Marcia.

From the Star-Ledger piece, it sounds like anyone who has met Manning personally is all for the idea. Anyone who hasn’t is either deferential to the Giants in their time of triumph, or find the suggestion ridiculous.

Mayor David Roberts says he is still collecting information from “the entire community” as to how the city can best show their appreciation and he can get free season tickets next season.

Sadly, a parade down the city’s main drag, Washington Street, has been ruled out, because “there is already a parade happening tomorrow (Tuesday).

So what do you think a parade on a Tuesday afternoon in February in Hoboken, New Jersey is about? The opening of a new Compound W plant?