We Can’t Decide If This Is Sports And/Or Awesome

Okay, so has America issued a verdict on BMX or “doing what skateboarders do but just on a bicycle instead” and whether that counts as sports yet? I ask because we accept Lance Armstrong as a sportsman, no questions asked, but once we start getting into the whole “tricks off a street implement thing,” everything starts to get hazy. Even when it’s like this.

Extreme Ramping
(See, what are we supposed to think about this? Is this awesome?)

Case in point, the latest video from Tate Roskelley and Volume Bikes. They’re doing things that are pretty sick as the whole “bike trick highlight reel” genre goes, but… like, just because the X-Games would call it a sport (and even this is pretty borderline) doesn’t necessarily make it so, right? But he batted a basketball into a hoop with his front tire! That’s already better than what Greg Oden can do! How are we expected to rule on this one?! DAMN IT.

(Video courtesy of the ShareBros)

Yeah, see? That was badass in our eyes, but are we supposed to think that was badass or just a complete waste of time? It doesn’t seem like there’s much middle ground.

In fact, let’s just cover all the bases on this one, and if you’ve been waiting on a referendum on bike tricks then here you go.

We need a verdict

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