We Call That Prescription Medication In California

Wednesday during a live shot outside AT&T park in San Francisco, Dallas KXAS-TV reporter Newy Scruggs narc’d on some Giants fans taking a toke or six whilst tailgating.

Reporter notes SF Giants fans smoking weed

(Now let’s get a locals perspective from Rick Chandler)

Scruggs set the scene thusly (video below):

People are nice here, we’re not in New York. No one’s gonna be spitting on us. No one’s gonna come up and tell us we’re bad people. This is San Francisco. There’s people smokin’ weed over there; they don’t care! They want to see their team win, but they’re half buzzed out. They’re nice people. They look like fun people.

Tuesday Californians will vote on whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Current polls indicate that support for the proposition is waning, but that might change if proponents of the measure drop Scruggs’ standup into a spot confirming that even San Franciscans can look like fun people when allowed to smokeout.