We Bet She Could Beat Anna Kournikova, Too

A fantastic story was unearthed via the ARIZONA REPUBLIC, which features the hottest new member of the Grand Canyon University tennis team: 60-year-old Sheila Johnson. (Photo from TENNIS WEEK).

Sheila Johnson


“The Antelopes’ newest addition became eligible for AARP 10 years ago, was born during the Truman era and understands the Pythagorean theorem - but not text-messaging.

‘We’re working on that,’ said Stephanie Haldeman, a Grand Canyon freshman tennis player.

Sheila Johnson, Phoenix resident and a longtime high-school math teacher, might be four decades older than her opponents, but it hasn’t stopped her from making an impact for Division II Grand Canyon.

The nation’s oldest active collegiate tennis player is 4-2 in doubles play and 4-4 in singles, and two of those victories were over Division I opponents.

‘She’s damn good,’ said Dan McDonald, coach of Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colo. ‘I told my kids not to freak out because she’s an old lady. She’ll beat you.’”

Sorry, I have no snarky quips about this. It’s just a cool story. The best I can do is the courtesy picture of Anna Kournikova. It’s not much, but I like to help the kids.

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