Wazzu Coach: Finish Your Food, Or No Football

Washington State might rank 118th out of 120 Division I teams in total offense and 112th in total defense, but THE SEATTLE TIMES says that new head coach Paul Wulff has a plan to turn things around: getting the kids to eat their meals.

Washington State coach Paul Wulff

No word on if he will be bringing Hulk Hogan in to also get his kids to say their prayers and take their vitamins. Or maybe they just need to hire Michael Phelps as their nutritionist.

As the story notes, this is how bad the situation was that Wulff stepped into: the strength and training program at Washington State wasn’t up to snuff compared to where Wulff came from. That school was Eastern Washington:

“We have our own little training table, which has really good food,” Wulff explained the other day in an interview from Pullman. “They’re required to eat X amount of meals a week. Kids weren’t eating them. Therefore, you have kids not growing. They aren’t putting in the proper calories.

“It was very evident to see how they looked physically, compared to where I had just come from.”

What is going on that college kids - especially football players - are turning down free meals? I ate at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl three or four times a week in college, and I’m pretty sure that they’re “beef” is actually Soylent Green.

Seriously - are they on the South Beach Diet? If your football players don’t have the discipline to eat, I shudder to think what will happen to them on the field.