Gretzky’s Little Girl Grows Up Into Quite the Golfer

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter appears to be blossoming into quite the putting princess, the type of golfer that makes you go ga-ga.

Paulina Gretzky golfing

PUCK DADDY tees up pics of Paulina Gretzky, the 19-year-old offspring of the Great One & Janet Jones Gretzky, hitting the links during Dad’s celebrity golf tournament in Clarksburg, Ontario. She was joined on the fairway by such luminaries as Charles Barkley and Alan Thicke.

You might wonder what her score was. Looking at the above photo, does it really matter?

But it’s not just the golf world that Li’l Paulie hopes to conquer.

Miss Gretzky also aspires to be a pop singer, maybe someday sharing a triple bill with Hannah Montana & Hillary Duff. Here’s a couple of samples of her vocal work - from a segment of MTV’s “Laguna Beach“, and right before an Oilers-Canadiens game.

She’s not bad, if you’re into that sort of thing. Of course, she still has a long way to go to match her father’s musical masterpiece in “Waikiki Hockey“.