Wazzu: Toodle-oo To QB After 11 Legal Citations

Washington State has decided to release Calvin Schmidtke from his letter of intent, due to recent legal issues the quarterback recruit has faced.

Calvin Schmidtke released by Washington State

11 issues, to be exact.

The TACOMA NEWS-TRIBUNE snaps the news that freshly-minted WSU coach Paul Wulff (who?) told Schmidtke on Tuesday that he was being let out of his commitment to the Cougars, as the QB hopeful had racked up 11 charges & citations within just the last 18 months.

Even though 7 of Schmidtke’s 11 charges were for traffic violations, the remaining 4 incidents include DUI and other alcohol & drug-related issues.

However, it’s not as if the Wazzu coaching staff were oblivious to Calvin’s legal concerns:

In mid-November, (Schmitdke) was arrested on a DUI charge – something WSU coaches were aware of when they started recruiting him a month later.

Undetered, the Cougars gave him a scholarship in January anyway, hoping he would keep his nose clean. So much for hope:

One unnamed WSU official said Tuesday that Schmidtke was told on his recruiting trip to Pullman he had to steer clear of further legal troubles. That did not happen, because in March – three weeks after he signed his letter of intent to play at WSU – the teenager was once again facing criminal charges in a separate incident.

Too bad Calvin’s not coming to Palouse, after all. He would have fit in well with his Cougar teammates. Like safety Xavier Hicks, who’s serving a 45-day jail sentence for misdemeanor theft & assault. Or like defensive tackle Andy Roof, who’s facing assault charges of his own after a party fight last April.

On the plus side, Schmidtke’s now free to join up with a team that would appreciate his outstanding record - such as the Miami Hurricanes.