Redskins Can Keep Their Racially Insensitive Name

Offended by the Washington Redskins’ racially insensitve name? Well, you should have sued the team a lot sooner, chief.

Washington Redskins helmet logo

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that a federal judge has sided with the NFL franchise in a lawsuit over the team’s offending moniker.

A group of Native Americans went on the warpath then went to the courtroom, hoping the courts would “cancel the Redskins’ trademark so that the team could no longer market its name.” But a district judge in D.C. ruled that the plaintiffs “waited too long to bring their case to court.”

So Dan Snyder’s millions & millions are safe for the time being. However, the judge added that her ruling “does not decide the appropriateness of Native American imagery for team names.”

Cleveland Indians Atlanta Braves logos

The Cleveland Indians & Atlanta Braves better take notice.