Washington Post Calls SbB A “Powerhouse” Blog

Liz Clarke of the WASHINGTON POST has a piece Sunday on the influence of sports blogs on fans, noting that “in the arena of sports, the arbiter of what matters is increasingly shifting from the mainstream media to the freewheeling realm of the blogosphere, where impassioned fans opine about the playing field’s heroes, villains and controversies of the day.

Thank You Keyboard

Kathleen Hessert of Sports Media Challenge, a Charlotte-based marketing company, tells the WP that, “More and more, the fans are setting the agenda now. They’re rattling the cages and saying, ‘Hey, I have as much to say about this — and have as much invested in my sport — as any media person. And my opinion is just as valid as the mainstream media’s.’

Clarke adds that Hessert’s company “keys on the 10 or 15 most influential sports blogs, whose membership shifts but typically includes such powerhouses as Deadspin and SportsbyBrooks, and produces a list of the five biggest topics each week.”

We’re thrilled to be mentioned by the Washington Post and in the company of Deadspin, but we know we don’t deserve such profound accolades.

Brady Quinn no MySpace

If we had any influence, Joe Theismann would be hosting SportsCenter every night, Brady Quinn would have Myspace, the Pittsburgh Steelers would get the credit they so richly deserve for the marketing masterstroke that is Steely McBeam, and Colin “Shrutebag” Cowherd would finally embrace his inner woman:

Colin Cowherd Borat