Was Dodgers’ Padilla Shot By Own Bodyguard?

According to a Nicaraguan newspaper, Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Vicente Padilla didn’t exactly pull a Plaxico when he was accidentally shot in the right leg on Sunday in the town of Masaya. He was target shooting, said THE JOURNAL OF THE NICARAGUANS, which as far as I know is totally legal there.

However, there is another report that although still considered an accident at the shooting range, Padilla was in fact shot by his own bodyguard. Whoops, sorry boss. There goes the Christmas bonus.

EL NUEVO DIARIO, via the blog DIAMOND NOTES, updated the story today (translated):

The Big Leaguer Vicente Padilla, arrived at Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas, emergency where he was treated after suffering a bullet wound in his right leg.

Dodgers pitcher in Los Angeles was accidentally shot by his bodyguard when he was “desenconchar” weapon that used the player while doing shooting practice in the Polygon Specialist, located at kilometer 22 of the Masaya Highway, said the head of Public Relations for the National Police Commissioner Mayor Vilma Reyes.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Reguera, Public Relations Manager HMVP confirmed that the pitcher was treated by doctors and that is out of danger. Reguera would not provide further details of Padilla’s situation, because he said that “is information that he personally should clarify.”

I’ll bet that there wasn’t a lot of “you go on without me … save yourself” talk, like in the movies. But anyway, does anyone get the feeling that there’s more to this story than meets the eye?