Was A-Rod Using Steroids During High School?

You probably remember that a few months back the story broke out that Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez had used steroids while playing with the Texas Rangers. The story was broken by Selena Roberts, who was writing a book about A-Rod. Rodriguez handled the story pretty well, claiming that Roberts was stalking him and hiding in his bushes while making everything up. He would then go on to admit that he used steroids while playing with the Rangers to help live up to the pressure and expectations of his huge contract there.

Alex Rodriguez

Well, in the least shocking development of all time, it turns out that Rodriguez may have been lying about only using steroids while in Texas. Roberts’ book is out on May 12th, and in it there’s word that Rodriguez’s steroid use started way before he joined the Rangers, and even before he started playing with the Seattle Mariners. It seems A-Rod was looking for an advantage over his dodgeball opponents in high school as well.


Rodriguez put on 25 pounds of muscle between his sophomore and junior years, and word was that his connection was a dog kennel owner.

A former high school teammate told Roberts the future No.1 MLB draft pick was on steroids and his coach knew it.

Another student said the son of coach Rich Hofman admitted he saw Rodriguez use steroids.

Hofman said it was news to him. “Whatever he was doing, he was doing it somewhere else,” he said.

Of course, that’s not the only new allegation against A-Rod in the book. There’s also the fact that he may have still been using HGH while playing with the Yankees, as one unnamed Major Leaguer says he saw Rodriguez and Kevin Brown using HGH back in 2004. The book also says that his Yankees teammates have long suspected him of using HGH based on some side effects they saw in him.

My personal favorite being the fact that his Yankee teammates developed a nickname because of one of those side effects.  You’ve heard of A-Fraud, but did you know they also called him B!@#h T!@s?  Because they did.