Warriors PR Chief Posts Anonymously On Forums

The Golden State Warriors’ front office cannot comprehend why their fans would feel the need to vent about their frustrations with the franchise. After all, they were winners dozens of time this season! 29 times total against 53 losses, but that’s just negative talk.

Golden State Warriors accentuate the positive

In the fight against negativity, Golden State Warriors public relations director Raymond Ridder is a shining knight. A warrior, if you will. That’s why he donned the armor of anonymity and jumped into the comments at WARRIORSWORLD.NET to post defenses of the Warriors management and players at least five times in the last year, including a slam of FANHOUSE blogger and Warriors analyst Matt Steinmetz.

When the site’s visitors figured out the IP address of these oddly positive comments in a sea of “nuh-uh” came from the Warriors’ offices, the jig was up. Ridder stepped forward and took credit for the posts to Tim Kawakami of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS:

From my standpoint, I just wanted to get some positive things going. When I saw all the negative comments, I wanted to chime in. That’s all.

That’s the pain of being the PR director of a sinking ship; people complaining about lifeboat availability make it hard to remind people about the great band playing below decks. Did we mention Monta Ellis has learned new moped tricks?