War of Words Heats Up Between Moss & Accuser

The war of words is heating up between Randy Moss and his accuser - or more specifically, between Moss’ agent and the lawyer for Moss’ accuser.

Randy Moss speaking to reporters

The only points of contention that agent Tim DiPietro and attorney David McGill seem to agree on is that Moss and accuser Rachelle Washington were long-time friends, and that Washington injured her hand in the alleged incident.

Then the trade-offs begin.

McGill argues that Washington’s injury was due to Moss’ “reckless and degrading conduct.” DiPietro responds that it was just innocent “horseplay”, and that Randy has offered to pay fo Rachelle’s medical expenses and “pain and suffering.”

But when it came to discussing payouts, DiPietro said that McGill would be seeking “something with six figures” - which turned out to be $500,000, with the lawyer supposedly adding, “take it or leave it.”

However, McGill argues that it was Moss’ crew who came to him first with the six-figure offer, apparently “with hopes of not having this incident become public record.”

money grab

McGill says that his client “refuses to be further disrespected” by Moss, and that the player should “take responsibility for what he has done.”

But DiPietro retorts that the accuser’s claims are just a money grab, adding that McGill threatened Randy “would suffer large amounts of money in future salaries and endorsements and what (McGill) claimed would be game suspensions.”

Intriguing. Sadly, this legal battle will probably be more exciting than what actually takes place on the field in Foxboro this Sunday.