War Hero Welcomed Into Cincinnati Bengal Huddle

Yesterday, the highly-litigated Cincinnati Bengals took time out from their practice to welcome a true American hero onto the field: Army Sgt. Michael Garvin.

Sgt. Gavin welcomed to Bengals camp

Garvin has been on two tours of Iraq, the second cut short because of a pesky IED. He’s faced down live grenades, rocket launchers and camouflaged enemy combatants, but nothing shows his amazing testicular fortitude like having the guts to name one of your own sons after a Bengal.

From 700 WLW NEWS:

And then he got to meet one of his heroes, quarterback Carson Palmer. But Palmer didn’t just meet Michael Garvin, he also met Carson Garvin, Michael’s 11-month old son, who was named after the Bengal quarterback.

Just think, what if he had chosen wrong and named his son Chris Garvin? Guess he could pass himself off as being an enormous Chris Perry fan, although I doubt anyone’s going to buy that.

Gavin was able to visit Bengals camp because he’s currently on leave from Iraq to undergo surgery for a slipped disc. He sustained the injury after an IED flew by his head and exploded behind him. To him, Dhani Jones probably looks like a kitty cat.

But even more macho: After next week’s surgery, Gavin is going to start rehabbing as quickly as possible. And then, as soon as he’s able to lift his equipment, he’s heading right back to Iraq. Good Lord.

Kinda makes those contract holdouts look a little silly, doesn’t it Ocho Cinco?