WaPo Prevents People from Reading Wise Column

WASHINGTON POST columnist Mike Wise (aka The WaPo Columnist Without a Show) threw a beatdown on Philadelphia Flyers fans and players in his Wednesday column, even declaring that the women and children “looked as if they could work security for Megadeth”.

Mike Wise, posing

(Mike Wise, posing)

The Flyers organization decided to pass this bit of ‘news’ along to its fans by printing out the column and handing it out to fans before the game against the Washington Capitals Thursday night. Unfortunate, as the rumor goes, Mike Wise got wind of this and demanded his paper prevent this for his personal safety. WaPo lawyers laid down a threat; the Flyers’ flyers were pocketed.

Instead, the Flyers put snippets of the column on the JumboTron during the game. Fair use this, WASHINGTON POST.

Mike Wise, not one to take his own personal safety too seriously, passed on the opportunity to go underground like Salmon Rushdie and went on camera multiple times this week to discuss the furor around his indelicate Philly fan filleting.

Also, we would like to take the opportunity to explain to Mike what we do around here. This, Mike? This whole thing around us right now? That’s the Internet. Along with laughing baby videos and the cute Web application that lets you print up your own “Mike Wise for Pulitzer” T-shirts, it holds your columns. Like, all of them.

If you have genuine concern that you’re in danger when you mock a fan base and then roost in their home press box, then skip one of these steps. Or maybe you should pick that up as a cause célèbre: perhaps the people of Philadelphia are a lawless band of vigilantes that cannot be controlled by local authorities and the National Guard should step in immediately.

If you do that, Mike, maybe someone will finally notice you enough to get you a national TV gig and you can finally earn that Wikipedia page. We suspect it really irks you that you don’t have either yet. We’re pullin’ for you, Mike!