WaPo Gives KSK’s Christmas Ape Lump Of Coal

The news is skittering all about the sports blogohedron about the WASHINGTON POST firing staff writer Michael Tunison after he publicized himself as being the notorious Christmas Ape of KISSING SUZY KOLBER, DEADSPIN, and THIS WEBSITE fame. Here’s a dramatization of the editors reading Tunison’s KSK posts for the first time:

Woodward & Bernstein & Christmas Ape

(They had to use the typewriter because Blogger.com isn’t cuneiform compatible.)

On Monday afternoon, Tunison posted a 2-year-old picture at KSK at an indeterminate bar with some kind of parrot-looking mascot, saying he was “totally f*cking hammered.”

Oh, the picture? Well, heck, everyone else is posting it, let’s jump off the bridge too:

Christmas Ape with parrot

It should be noted that one of the tags he posted this picture under was called “wapo will fire me in 3…2…”, perhaps because it wasn’t really all that surprising that the WaPo would slip the pink to one of their metro reporters for masquerading as a blogger who uses, albeit hilarious, sometimes lewd and racist humor.

Tuffy and I are going to talk with Ape, Tunison, however you’d like to refer to him, on our twice-weekly radio show TREEHOUSE FORT this Friday night at 8 p.m. ET on BLOGTALKRADIO. Because nothing says “hard-hitting exclusive interview” like “asking questions to a guy with whom you write for on two different websites.”