Want A Photo With Lebron? “Not Tonight, Babe”

We had a debate on SbB’s Wiz-Cavs liveblog last Thursday about what kind of guy Lebron James really is. Our contention was that he’s a genuine a$$hole, someone who refused to mingle with the public, thinking he was above all of us.

Lebron James Fan

Well, we got some confirmation on that in the BOSTON HERALD over the weekend, with a story about a fan attempting to get a photo with James:

“We asked the cab driver to pull over and I got out with my phone and asked if my cousin could take a picture of us all together,” said Goldman, who was in town scouting out American University.

“This smaller guy, who could have been LeBron’s body guard, shook his finger at us while Damon Jones said, ‘Move along, move along.’ And then LeBron said to my cousin, “Not tonight, babe.’ ”

Such an All-Star that LeBron.

Dan’s mom was so ticked off, she rolled down the window as the cab took off and yelled, “Go Celtics!”

“Damon Jones turned around and laughed, but LeBron acted like he didn’t hear anything,” the college-bound junior told the Track.

The best part of the story is that later that night, the Wiz crushed the ‘Leveland Lebrons by 36 (”not tonight, babe” - indeed).

Lebron’s despicable behavior is what happens when you have too much money - you stop needing people. You have absolutely no concern for anyone but yourself. James isn’t the only one. It’s an epidemic in the NBA. No wonder The League’s fan base is getting smaller and more fragmented. And plum markets like Kansas City, replete with a sparkling new arena, want an NHL franchise over the NBA (which we still think is a bad idea).

From Jeff Flanagan of the KC STAR:

ESPN The Magazine recently commissioned a poll regarding perceptions about the NBA. And when 1,240 respondents were asked whether the statement “players are wholesome” applied to the NBA, only 14 percent agreed.

On the other hand, 34 percent of the respondents indicated they believed the statement did apply to the NHL (another reason for Kansas City to go after the NHL).

Thirty-three percent said major-league players appeared wholesome, and 22 percent said NFL players appeared to be.

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