Want A Hot Dog In NYC? T.O.’s Got One For You

Last few days in Manhattan. First night I spent in Derek Jeter’s suite at Red Sox-Yankees. Since then, I’ve done the Village, Meatpacking, Upper East/Westside and Harlem. Here’s some snaps from my travels:

Dominican Republic Parade In New York City

Sunday was the annual Dominican Republic parade up 6th Avenue. Sadly, I missed most of it, but thankfully I did catch some spillover.

As you might expect, young kids are always on the lookout for hot dogs in New York.

Terrell Owens Hides His Hot Dog For The Kids In New York City

And I’m happy to report that Terrell Owens obliged.

C.C. pitches for Subway:

CC Sabathia Johan Santana Subway ad: Was Sid Fernandez unavailable?

(Subway: El Sid and C.C., MAKE IT HAPPEN)

How does Sid Fernandez not get a (melted) piece of the action?

Brisket from Katz’s in the East Village. (Gravy on one-half, mustard on the other.)

Katz's Brisket

Best side of beef since the George Brett pine tar game.

How ’bout papaya and sauerkraut on your h-dog at Gray’s Papaya?

Gray's Papaya Hot Dog

Would you like a side of full ashtray with that?

Harlem’s Apollo last night:

The Apollo Theatre In Harlem

Little quiet until Sinbad polishes off a gaggle of Indian Casino gigs.

Harlem’s “fire factory”?

Wonder if the Mets bullpen will claim copyright infringement.

If you thought NYC was always helter skelter 24/7, here’s Central Park at dusk last night.

Central Park - not a soul stirring. Much like an Islanders game.

Not a soul stirring. Islanders fans would’ve felt right at home.

Finally, a shot from Little Italy last Saturday night.

Little Italy in New York City

Walking through I was a little appalled at how bad it smelled. But then I remembered, Chinatown is right next door.

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