Wal-Mart Withholds Water From WR’s Kids Event

Andre Johnson is very angry with Wal-Mart. Not because they sell cheap merchandise, or because the greeters haven’t been as cheerful to him - but because they wouldn’t give water to some poor kids.

Andre Johnson water money

TMZ hears from the Texans receiver that the retail giant apparently decided not to donate refreshment to a recent charity event of his - all because Johnson didn’t buy enough bikes:

Johnson ordered 750 bicycles to be given to underprivileged kids at an event sponsored by the Andre Johnson Foundation — in return for the purchase, Wal-Mart agreed to donate water and ice for the May 3 event.

But there was a problem with the order, so Johnson ended up buying fewer bikes than planned. Wal-Mart countered by not giving the water and ice as promised.

So, deny poor children water, just because Johnson fell a few Schwinns short of his order? Was Andre requesting Evian or Perrier or something?

Of course, we expect nothing different from a company that pays minimum wage & offers no health benefits, yet rakes in over $3 billion in quarterly income.

Honestly, how hard is it to give a little H2O for a good cause?