Wait ‘Til Joe Theismann Gets An Amazon Account

Will Leitch God Save The Fan

On a cold winter day here in Miami (yes, we’re down here for a patch), there’s nothing like a good book to curl up with. At least until the NHL All-Star game faces off, without Sidney Crosby. Yes, that hurts, but the league does has that brand-new broadcast deal to fall back on (and in this one they actually get paid!).

Anyway, Will Leitch’s new book is out, God Save The Fan, and like all of you, we delight in checking the reviews of books on Amazon because in many cases, they’re more entertaining than the book itself.

But sadly, the reviews of Leitch’s tome are very boring. Unfortunately, everyone seems to love the dratted book. Even this guy:

Michael Wilbon Likes Will Leitch's New Book

Guess we’ll have to go off searching somewhere else to have some fun.