Wade Phillips: Obese, Not All That Funny

Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips, the quiet servile fat guy carrying out Double J, Jerry Jones’ bidding, pulled a fast one on NFL NETWORK’s Adam Schefter regarding the team’s attempts to acquire troubled corner Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Wade Phillips

“Cowboys coach Wade Phillips walked over to this reporter in the hotel on Tuesday night to inform him that the trade for Adam “Pacman” Jones was complete.

As this reporter began probing for trade details, Phillips burst into a huge smile and announced, “April Fools!”

It was about the final comments that Phillips had about Jones. At the NFC Coaches breakfast on Wednesday, Phillips declined to talk about any players not on his team. As wave after wave of reporters approached him, the answer was the same.

The only Jones’ in Dallas worth talking about now are Jerry, Stephen and Jerry Jr.”

Take that, Julius Jones! That’s what you get for leaving for Seattle!

I would imagine that upon tricking each reporter, Wade let out a titter not unlike someone poking him in his considerable paunch. Really, no one pokes his belly anymore so he has to resort to practical jokes for laughs.

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