Wade “Felt Like I Lost My Virginity” After Victory

After the Miami Heat snapped their 15-game losing streak against the Indiana Pacers last Saturday, WAXY-AM in Miami recorded a highly amusing yet unreported comment from Dwyane Wade.

Dwyane Wade

Wade Audio: “It felt like when I was sixteen years old, when I lost my virginity.”

What a coincidence. Heat season ticket holders have felt violated themselves all season.

We’d also like to know who the guy is at the end shouting “I knew it!”

The statement strangely didn’t make any other media outlet that we could find. You can hear the chuckles from other reporters (we assume) at the comment, and apparently they chose not to report the remark. We really appreciate this, because at the end of the day we trust that the MSM knows what we can handle and what will cause us unspeakable emotional anguish.

(Credit to Jorge Sedano and Jonathan Zaslow of WAXY for the clip)