Wade Boggs No Chicken When Cheated By Fishy Decision

BOGGS TACKLES TOURNEY TROPHY AFTER FISHY DECISION: Cal Sutphin of the Florida KEYNOTER notes today that if fishing contest judges don’t rule Wade Boggs the rightful winner, he’ll take matters in to his own hands.

Wade Boggs

Last weekend Boggs hosted a celebrity fishing event for charity in the Florida Keys. He also was the first celeb to catch the two required fish in the allotted time, which should’ve secured him the tournament title. But the title was mistakenly given to former Bronco Mark Cooper.

Keynoter excerpt: “Boggs did not take the news gently.”

Wade Boggs

At the awards ceremony at the Westin Key West, when hearing the news, Boggs was quoted as saying, ‘I caught two fish and you caught one and you win?’ He then grabbed the trophy and ran out of the room.

The judge, Gary Ellis, has since admitted his error and said “Oh, I just screwed up. It just dawned on me that Wade was right. The grand-champion celebrity has to be Wade Boggs because he caught two fish and Coop only caught one. Oh, I’ve got to call Wade and tell him he won.

Wade Boggs

Ellis apparently didn’t know about the mistake until talking to reporter Sutphin for the story. Gee, we wonder how Sutphin found out Boggs was cheated?