WACK: Conference Unmoved By Boise’s Brutality?

Today Jay Christensen of TheWizOfOdds.com pointed me to a video of Boise State safety Jason Robinson blindsiding Louisiana Tech kicker Matt Nelson on a kickoff during the Broncos-Bulldogs game last week.

(WAC office calls hit “cheap” but provides no punishment)

After the Oct. 28 game, Rivals.com writer Jonathan Ford reported “Tech officials spoke with WAC Conference Commissioner Karl Benson and the WAC’s Supervisor of Officials” about the blind strike from behind. A week later, reportedly with no response from the conference office, Tech once again followed up with Benson.

While Benson has not issued a public statement on the matter, a current WAC head football coach informed me today that action regarding the incident has indeed taken place.

I was told by that WAC coach, who asked not to be named, that though Robinson will receive no punishment from the conference, the league sent video of the play to WAC coaches and indicated that similar hits will result in a suspension.

It was initially reported by some outlets that kicker Nelson, who missed his next extra point after Robinson’s hit, had suffered a concussion on the play in question. My source indicated that Lousiana Tech did not report such an injury to the league office.

As for the lack of a flag on the play, though the WAC characterized the hit by Robinson as suspension-worthy to league coaches, I was told the league also stated that it did not feel a penalty was warranted.

But if that type of hit was indeed clean, why would it result in a suspension in the future? (Sounds like a rule book problem to me.)

While the WAC I’m sure doesn’t want anyone to think that it practices celebrity justice, had the same hit been applied to Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore by a Louisiana Tech player, do you think the league would merely be issuing a warning about the future practice of such a vicious cheap shot? Especially after deeming such a hit was within the rules?

This incident also has me wondering if Benson forgot Boise State has already decided to leave for the Mountain West next season.