Blog-Some: Vols’ Baller Gets It On With Gaye Tune

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT gets it on with Jordan Howell, as the Tennessee senior guard tickles the ivories to Marvin Gaye’s greatest.

• THE EARTH TIMES puts down the Hofbrau, as new a study reveals that watching soccer in Germany is bad for your health.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE has the poop on Beijing’s Olympic toilet situation - It’s great if you believe in squatter’s rights.

• The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE has the story of one Cambodian refugee trying to bring baseball to his homeland.

• THE DAILY MAIL changes the English channel, as British viewers are buggered by BBC1 showing 10 hours of sports in one day.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH motors to the local Segway store to eavesdrop on the Buffer brothers getting ready to rumbullllllllllle.

• SAWX BLOG washes out their pullovers, as Boston’s Terry Francona gets a contract extension through 2011.

Terry Francona pullover

• The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that the Rockets are on a roll, winning their 12th straight after bouncing the Bulls.

• While MVN heads in the other direction, as the Miami Heat were cooled off for the 11th straight time - and the 26th game out of their last 27.

• WAGGLE ROOM clubs us over the head with shocking news that Tiger Woods won another tournament.

• THE ANGRY T dirties up the red carpet with their sporty nominations for the anti-Oscars.

• I’M WRITING SPORTS says, “Leave A-Rod alone!” (So, where’s the YouTube video spoof?)