Vitor Meira Blowing Up At Indy 500 - Quite Literally

It’s understandable if you spent the Indianapolis 500 cheering for Helio Castroneves or leering at Danica Patrick. The former overcame significant personal obstacles to win the race and the latter ended up with the highest finish ever by a woman (and got frisky with a stripper). Two great stories, sure, we suppose.

Vitor Meira is enfuego at Indy 500

(Vitor Meira wishes this was Photoshopped.)

But if that’s all you paid attention to, you missed the schadenfreude-tastic day of Brazilian driver Vitor Meira, seen above playing with fire before his race-ending crash. Unfortunately for poor Vitor, being set on fire was just the beginning of his troubles. Thanks to JALOPNIK, we’ve got video documentation of Meira’s terrible, horribly, no-good, very bad day after the jump.

Here we see Vitor Meira engulfed in flames. Some miscommunication between Meira and his pit crew resulted in Meira starting to pull away from pit row with the fuel hose still attached, resulting in a shower of sweet, sweet petrol for Vitor. Luckily, the fire was put out and Vitor was saved from disaster. Amazingly, despite his car being in flames and doused with water, Meira went back out on the track. Problem solved, right? Not exactly…

With only 27 laps to go, Meira and fellow Brazilian Rafael Matos got a little too close on Turn 1, sending both drivers’ chances at finishing down in flames of a more metaphorical sort. To add injury to insult, Matos suffered the “Blogger Break“, cracking two vertabrae in his back. Don’t let anyone ever tell you open wheel drivers aren’t tough guys. When’s the last time you ended up on fire with a broken back?