Virginia Tech LB Injures Knee While On Jet Ski

EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY has got to close the beaches, as another victim has fallen to that terror of the sea - jet skis:

jet ski flip

Virginia Tech linebacker Vince Hall may not play in tonight’s Orange Bowl, thanks to a banged-up knee from scurrying around on a Sea Doo. Hall’s injury was suffered in the surf on Sunday during a team beach outing.

VT trainer Mike Goforth told the ROANOKE TIMES, “They were playing around in the water and Vince went to take a step and banged it a little bit. It’s real stiff right now. I’m not going to push him at this point.”

It now seems that Vince won’t be able to go forth against the mighty Kansas offense.

Mark Mangino coach of the year award

If only Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino was invited to the beach party. They could have used him as a flotation device.