VT Cheergirl Uses Real Name For Playboy Tryout

When I was away at college, my parents had a Google News Alert out on my name, so they could keep track of me if I popped up in the local sports section (or the crime blotter). Carly Hinchman had better pray her parents don’t do the same, because the Virginia Tech cheerleader just tried out to be in Playboy, and stupidly gave her real name when talking to a local news station about it.

Carly Hinchman

Playboy is scouting Blackburg for its “Girls of the ACC” issue, and the Hokie cheerleader (soon to be ex-cheerleader) tried out, along with four other young ladies. She told the Roanoke NBC affiliate that she hasn’t told her parents, which is a great way to keep it secret. Thanks for proving once again the inverse correlation between intelligence and eagerness to take your clothes off.

And yes, this is two Playboy posts in a row. Are you complaining?

All due props to BUSTED COVERAGE for this find
, and the photo collage above. You can see Hinchman here on the official spirit squad’s page, looking sweet and innocent as a freshman cheerleader ought to. But if things go well, we’ll be seeing her in a whole new light.

Carly Hinchman and Maggie Cook, both freshmen, are friends and decided to try out together.

“When we’re older and it’s 20 years from now, we can be like, remember when we tried out for Playboy?“ Cook said.

At a sports school like Virginia Tech, cheerleading comes with a pretty hefty scholarship. So I hope Hinchman remembers, 20 years from now, when she threw that away by not realizing most nude models use fake names, such as Kelly Hemberger … er, sorry, Kelly Carrington.

Predictably, Hokie message board are abuzz with the news. One of Hinchman’s classmates says he’s eager to “tell her he’s looking forward to seeing her in Playboy, then lick my lips creepily.”

Oh, and for the curious, all it takes for an audition is a bathing suit and high heels. No photos yet of Hinchman’s audition, but I’m guessing she wasn’t wearing a one-piece.