UVA Players Have Gay Ol’ Time Stealing Bar’s Beer

Two University of Virginia football players were arrested over the weekend for stealing beer from a Charlottesville nightclub. And upon hearing this news, you may just say, “So what? College kids are always finding ways to snag a free frosty brew, even if it means committing a little theft.”

Virginia football players Gay Bar sign

But this cavalier attempt by the Cavaliers players was a little more festive, as they abducted the alcohol while they were at a gay bar.

Spencer Hall of THE SPORTING BLOG shares the news that junior offensive lineman Will Barker (top) & redshirt freshman lineman Dave Roberts (bottom) were both picked up at the Club 216 for stealing beer from the nightclub’s cooler. Lucky for the two of them, it was the police picking them up, and not the club’s clientele.

Will & Dave each face charges of larceny, while the 19-year-old Roberts is in double trouble for being a minor with possession of alcohol and using a fake ID.

Is Charlottesville really so devoid of alcohol that football players are willing to risk complete & utter ridicule from teammates & enemies by going to a gay bar, let alone steal beer from one?

Spencer tries to diffuse the situation (while giving Hokies fans some great Lane Stadium sign ideas for November 29):

Before Virginia Tech fans begin photoshopping pictures of the offending players in all sorts of amazing and interesting poses, let me at least interject the fact here that Club 216, the gay bar in question, is technically a “private club.” This is a common dodge once employed by bars here in Atlanta: call yourself “a club,” charge for a “membership fee” complete with card, and then stay open much later than public bars, Places like Club 216 often do a thriving business as after-hours bars, which likely explains why football players–not known for being models of forward-thinking tolerance of all lifestyles–would be there. They had beer, and they were open.

Will & Dave might want to print this out and carry it with them for the rest of the season - a handy explanation to whip out when the inevitable smart-aleck comments come forth.

Too bad the Cavaliers are facing USC at home instead of the L.A. Coliseum this year. The Trojans could have recommended some great night spots in West Hollywood.

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