Vince Young Suspension Due To Home Confinement

• HOME CONFINEMENT TO BLAME FOR YOUNG SUSPENSION? The NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN has the audacity to report Vince Young’s excuse for getting suspended for the Titans’ opening preseason game: “The second-year pro spent Friday night at home instead of at the team hotel. Players with less than four years experience are required to stay at the hotel during training camp.

Vince Young

Friday night at home? Suuuuurrre.

• MLS player BOBBY BOSWELL follows up on his public beatdown of ESPN and Eric Wynalda over David Beckham coverage with a posting on his official blog: “Wow, I ruffled some feathers didn’t I?!”

• The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports the Atlanta Hawks’ new color scheme “necessitates a new basketball floor” for Philips Arena which will “allow an additional row of premium courtside seats” to be added along the sideline opposite the scorer’s table.

Atlanta Hawks

The 54-seat row “could generate about $700,000 in revenue.

• The MLS Red Bulls have sold more than 50,000 tickets for Saturday’s match against the Galaxy at Giants Stadium. David Beckham is questionable for the game.

• The Reds have re-signed broadcaster Marty Brennaman to a three-year extension through the 2010 season.

Marty Brennaman

• SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports the Kansas City Royals have introduced something called “Mobile Phone Tickets technology at Kauffman Stadium. The service allows fans to have tickets delivered directly to their phone via a text message that includes a bar code. Once the bar code is scanned, fans receive a printed receipt of their ticket.

• The BERGEN RECORD reports New York Giants ticket holders that do not own a $150 season-parking pass have to pay $20 to park two miles from Giants Stadium in lots that ban tailgating. Even better, those fans had to ride a shuttle bus that dropped them off “a half-mile from the stadium.

New York Giants Fan Tailgate

• The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports Pacman Jones will appear on HBO’s “Real Sports” tonight. Bob Raissman writes Bryant Gumbel “took the gloves off” during the interview.

• FSN’s Ken Rosenthal, on where Barry Bonds might land next season: “Several members of [the Giants] believe Bonds will be back next season simply because management wants to milk his countdown to 3,000 hits.

Mr 3000 Bernie Mac

• SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports “Bobcats Owner Robert Johnson is appearing in a promo for CNBC that is airing on the network. Johnson talks about running his various business interests, from founding BET to owning the Bobcats.

Johnson: “Running a basketball team is no different than running a hotel company or running a bank.”

Something Bobcats fans know too well. And that foreshadows Adam Morrison’s future career as a Bellman.

• Thomas Bassinger of the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES on a maddening trend of “MADDEN 08″: “The coin toss. Drive recaps. Your appearances in the red zone. One, it’s intrusive. Two, of the things game maker Electronic Arts could do to improve the game’s presentation, this is what comes first?”