Vince Young: ‘I Will Be Next Black SB Champ QB’

At first blush, we’re all thinking ‘Vince Young, as crazy as ever.’ (Exception, Mike Greenberg: ‘I really like pie.’). And truthfully, I’m not really ready to let him do my taxes or babysit the kids. But could it be, perhaps, that the Titans quarterback is on the road to recovery?

Vince Young

The man has had his ups and downs to be sure. In an article that appeared on ESQUIRE.COM on Tuesday, Young talked about his life, his tribulations, and his belief that he will rise from the ashes. And not only did he give notice that he will win a Super Bowl title, but he also had another, bigger prediction.

Said Young:

“I don’t know when I’ll start again. But I will be the next black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. And I will be in the Hall of Fame.”

Your first reaction was probably the same as mine: ‘Um, I think I’ll wait and see on that.’ But after reading the entire Q&A piece, you just kind of start rooting for the guy. Sure he rather famously flamed out with the Titans last season, both physically and mentally. But when Young tells you all about where he’s been, it makes you think that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he beat his demons and returned to glory, University of Texas-style.

“When the lights would go out, we’d find some money to pay the bill, and then the water would go off. I would take some jugs to my friend’s house and fill them up and carry them back to the house so the women could have water for cooking and bathing. Me, I just took a wash-off. Men can do that. Women need water.

“I’d wake up in the middle of the night, make sure everything was locked up, make sure my mom’s keys were hidden because my uncle used to steal the car all the time, peek in on my sisters’ room to make sure nobody was bothering them, make sure their windows were locked. The garage door was broken from my uncle, so got to check that, too. He’d break in and steal what he could carry. I must have lost four Nintendos to him, microwaves, you name it. I love my uncle, I forgive him, but I couldn’t respect him as a man. He was stealing from us, his own family, and that’s no way for a man to behave, you know? I was about ten.”

Young has his detractors and his supporters, to be sure (Young may have gotten that HOF idea from Mack Brown, who predicted the same thing in January). At any rate, we’re certain that Young is jazzed about at least one thing: Wearing the Houston Oilers throwback jerseys. Young grew up in Houston, and was an Oilers fan.

“I was very angry [when they moved], because I was always an Oilers fan, always watching them, watching Warren Moon, Chris Chandler, Haywood Jeffires, Ray Childress – I was a big fan of all those guys,” Young said. “And when they left it was a heartbreaker for the city. A lot of people watched the Rockets and the Astros, but when football season hit, we were looking forward to the Oilers. We would get close every year to the Super Bowl, but never make it.”