Vince Young Doesn’t Want To Be Traded. Riiiiiight

It’s not fair to start handing out “bust” statuses to draft picks from 2006 quite yet, what with the highest draft picks still being on their rookie contract and all, but it’s safe to say that Vince Young’s career has started out in a most unsatisfactory way. Despite being the third overall pick in 2006, it seems like the highlight of his career has been, um, a sausage party.

Vince Young drunk and shirtless
(Always the capitalist, Young made sure everyone could enjoy a Vince Young Sausage Party.)

Thus, after a horrendous 2008 season that saw him get injured, then get benched, then go off the deep end for a little bit, VY’s ready to turn this thing around, telling reporters “if they’re not ready for me to play ball, then somebody is.” That, and talk of a “career change” if he’s going to remain on Tennessee’s bench, seem to be clear indications that he wants to be traded. Seems reasonable and fair, nobody likes to sit on the bench with coaches they don’t get along with, right?

WAIT WE HAVE LATE BREAKING NEWS–According to the NASHVILLE CITY PAPER, Vince Young’s agent wants you to know that none of that is true, because it’s Opposite Day or something:  

Major Adams, who represents Young, said his client has not asked for a trade, nor does he have any desire to be moved away from the Titans.

“Vince’s desire has always been to compete for the starting quarterback job in Tennessee,” Adams said. “Even before they drafted him, they asked him if he thought he could compete for the starting role, and he said yes. He has always been a starter and that is his mindset.

“He has not asked to be traded, and in fact, is going to an event at Bud Adams’ ranch this weekend. Plus, he was in there working out [Monday]. If he didn’t have a desire to stay there, he wouldn’t be doing any of that.”

Um, that sounds like someone who is currently the member of a football team who doesn’t want to submarine any hope of ever playing on the team again.

Look, Adams is taking it upon himself to say The Things We Say In Sports, and that’s fine; once Young finds a new team, the thinking goes, then they can go public about their obvious frustrations with the coaching staff.

But at the same time, don’t you think it would have been a little more intellectually honest had he said something to the effect of, “He’s going to work his butt off no matter what team he plays for, and he wants to be sure he’s being given a fair shake. Tennessee’s statement that he has to outplay Collins in practice by a wide margin to regain the spot indicates to us that he may need to get a fresh start somewhere else”?

Changes of scenery can be good. Perhaps Young, a Houston native who played ball at Texas (as you might recall), still spends plenty of time down there. No offense to Nashville, which I’m sure is such a lovely place for a Houston boy to relocate to (cough), but perhaps moving closer to home might be best for Vinsanity’s, um, sanity.

It’s okay to admit that Vince Young might want to be traded. It’s cool. We can handle it.