Vince Lombardi Is Rooting For ‘Hawks over Pack

The SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER gleefully reports the news that Vince Lombardi is rooting for the Seahawks against the Packers in today’s playoff tilt.

Vince Lombardi Seattle Seahawks Fan

The P-I recently tracked down the Seattle attorney, who is the grandson of the Packer icon. Part of Lombardi III’s childhood was spent in Seattle, with his father a member of the Seahawks’ first-ever front office staff. After undergradding at Georgetown, he eventually returned to attend law school at UW - and has lived there ever since.

Lombardi as a Seahawks fan has the locals bemused, but not-so-much when he runs across Wisconsin natives: “If they are from Wisconsin they are a little disappointed (but) if the Seahawks lose, I’ll be rooting for them. I’m sure all of us will.