Villanueva Sued Over Alleged Nightclub Assault

Old Zen kōan: if something happens involving Charlie Villanueva, and he doesn’t Twitter about it, can it be said to really have happened at all? Regardless, we’ve got to report that the Bucks forward is being sued for assaulting a man at a nightclub last February.

Charlie Villanueva

The uploaded PDF of the complaint is missing a few pages, so we don’t know many details yet. But Daniel Fischer claims the attack at Decibel nightclub, where Villanueva is admittedly a regular, was “completely unprovoked” and left him with lasting damage.

The court of public opinion seems to have already made its ruling, though.

Charlie Villanueva denies the claims. In an interview after Friday morning’s team practice, he said, “I know no such thing about it.” He called the claim “outrageous.” Villanueva admits he does go to the Decibel nightclub but maintains he was not involved in an assault there.

And the blogosphere seems to believe him. After all, wouldn’t it be kind of difficult to keep a brutal public assault by a professional athlete quiet for 13 months? But more than that, Villanueva’s a good guy.

We all feel like we’re personal friends with him because of Twitter. He’s actively involved with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, which treats kids with the same disease he’s got. From all accounts, Charlie is an all-around good NBA citizen.

Which doesn’t mean he’s incapable of decking someone in a club. It just means that Daniel Fischer has a few million character witnesses to discredit.