Vikes Safety Sharper Parks In Handicapped Spot

Darren Sharper may be feeling a bit sore as another long NFL season winds down, but does that mean he should park in an handicapped spot?

Darren Sharper handicap parking

Columnist C.J. of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE caught the Vikings safety stopping his luxury SUV in a space reserve for those with disabilities. (Emotional disabilities like parking in handicapped spots in the first place when you shouldn’t doesn’t count.)

C.J. was trying to track down Darren after numerous phone calls to a number he gave her were never returned. When she showed up at the FOX 9 studios in Eden Prairie, there he was, at the ready with the excuses:

Before I noticed where the SUV was parked, Sharper made a joke to my video camera about having to “get my flexibility back” and said, “See how I’m walking?”

I was not in a position to wait around until after Sharper finished shooting the sports program to ask him why he chose to park in that spot. I did, however, shoot video of the vehicle and its vanity license plates, which have been confirmed through a check of public records as being Sharper’s.

And C.J.’s video evidence can be seen here (about 1:30 in).

Tsk, tsk. We know one Vikings defensive back who’s getting coal in his stocking come Christmas morning. Unless Darren parks his SUV on the roof, so Santa’s sleigh doesn’t have a spot to land.