Vikes Punter Doubles As Top-100 Guitar Hero Star

Sure, Tony Romo’s lofty NFL status affords him opportunities the average player can only dream about, but when it comes to the pretend world of music-making, Romo is to Guitar Hero what Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is to football. (Yes, the irony burns.)

Guitar Hero

Kluwe looks like an unassuming high school kid, but it’s on like Donkey Kong when the music starts. He figures he’s one of the top 100 Guitar Hero players on the planet, which, due to the fact that he’s married, brings the grand total of Guitar Hero groupies to one.

His teammates, when not stuffing him in lockers or tying him to goal posts, are no doubt dazzled by his fake-guitar-playing wizardy, but it’s a pretty good sign that you’re the biggest nerd on the roster when the kicker starts making fun of your hobby:

Vikings place-kicker Ryan Longwell couldn’t help but take a few good-natured pokes at Kluwe’s love of the video game.

“He works hard at it, that’s for sure,” said Longwell, trying not to laugh. “He never lets a moment pass where he’s not either thinking about it or working on it. I think it actually helps his holding (on field-goal and point-after attempts) because his hand-eye coordination’s got to be phenomenal to do that on expert level.”

On the other hand, where else, outside maybe karaoke, can you get this kind of raucous applause from a half-empty bar? A coffin corner punt in front of 64,000 fans is nice, but, come on, Mike Dragosavich isn’t famous for football.