Vikes Coach As Far Away From Favre As Possible?

The hot buzz over the weekend, even though it seems utterly insane and it came from someone serving in Iraq, was that Brett Favre had already signed with the Minnesota Vikings and that the team was just waiting for the right time to announce it.

Brad Childress
(”Hi, guys. Please allow me to address this rumor by flying 2,000 miles away for a week. Toodles!”)

So naturally, if that’s true, Vikings head coach Brad Childress is monitoring the situation closely from his office in Minneapolis, right? He wouldn’t be, oh, I don’t know, finding the second-farthest state in the union from Minnesota and hiding there, right? No?

The ST. PAUL PIONEER-PRESS reports (emphasis ours, as you’ll see):

Don’t expect the Favre signing to happen until close to training camp, though. Childress plans to leave Monday for a weeklong fishing trip to Alaska with Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid. And Childress’ daughter, Cara, is getting married July 11 in the Twin Cities area.

Okay. So there’s no urgency whatsoever, and no reason to think that anything’s close to imminent. Nor any reason to think that there’s some need to have Favre under contract already.

But hold the phone a bit - Childress and Andy Reid fishing together in Alaska? Isn’t there some real inherent danger there? With the hunters? Allow us to explain:

Andy Reid Walrus

We’re just saying, perhaps some deep-sea marlin fishing as far away from the Arctic Circle as possible would be a better move.