Videos: Celtic’s Stepdad Getting Tasered At Game

The obligatory cellphone video of the stepfather of a Boston Celtics player getting tasered at the Celtics-Magic playoff game in Orlando on Tuesday has hit the web.

Celtics stepfather gets tasered Video at Orlando Magic game

(Video link to top-left inset. Taser video below.)

Willie Buie, the stepfather of C’s guard Marquis Daniels, is seen in the footage been removed from his seat by Orlando police and eventually subdued on the floor of the concourse while being tasered. (You can actually hear the stun gun go off while Buie yells at the officers.)

I’m not going to pretend to be able to tell if police used appropriate force in this situation.

If Buie hadn’t served 11 years of hard time for various crimes, it’d be a lot easier to have some sympathy for him in this situation. But that isn’t to say that police acted appropriately either. The video isn’t nearly definitive enough to rule out anything.

If Buie does have a case for police brutality, it’ll have to involve what could be thousands of witnesses to what happened in his seats that night.