Video: WNBA Dunk Mishap; Nice PGA Hole-In-One

Look, I have nothing against the WNBA at all. They can do a lot of stuff out there just as good as the guys. They can pass well, shoot well, get DUIs, all that. But they just need to stop with the whole dunking thing. It’s just not working out for you.

Sylvia Fowles

In yesterday’s All-Star game, with time winding down, they gave the ball to Sylvia Fowles and then did the Lebron “we’re going to all get out of the way now so you can throw down some insane thunderous jam.” Except, of course, that’s not at all what happened. We’ve got your video after the jump.

While we’re at it, we’ve also got video of golfer Leif Olson (who has made a whopping $19,000 on the PGA Tour this year) making one of the craziest shots you’ll ever see.

First, here’s Fowles’ dunk attempt. It occurs at around the 1:10 mark of this news report. I will say that Fowles got a second attempt and succeeded in barely throwing it down, but nobody cared at that point:

Sorry, but that has to warrant one of these:


I understand that it’s tough to do. I certainly can’t dunk. But it’s just so awkward, that we’re expected to go nuts because somebody just threw it down with less authority than JJ Redick. I’d rather watch Birdman’s dunk contest appearance again:

Alright, we need to redeem this post really quickly, so here’s the video of Leif Olson’s hole-in-one at the Canadian Open yesterday. Clearly, he’s not quite good enough to hit the ball in directly, so he needed to play the carom off of another ball to pull it off — and win a new BMW. I hope his playing partner is at least getting a free dinner out of this for putting his ball in the way: