Video: Welcome To Mack Brown Postblame Show

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to observe that Mack Brown embarrassed himself at his postgame press conference after his Texas Longhorns embarrassed themselves in a 28-21 home loss to Iowa State Saturday.

(V.Y. wasn’t surprised)

During flustered remarks to a soft-tossing media, Brown literally blamed everyone but himself for the loss to the Cyclones.

Mack Brown postblame show

Don’t believe me? Watch the video.


“I’m trying, I’m fighting my guts out to get them turned. It’s what I did in ‘07. I fought my guts out every day. Just gotta stay after them every day.

“Can’t trust your team, can’t trust your coaches when they’re not getting things ready to go so you gotta go back every day and try to look at every little thing and figure out where you can help them.”

Not caught on the video was something else Brown said after the game Saturday.

I don’t think it’s (a lack of) talent. It’s attitude. We played well against Nebraska, and I’m mystified. We stunk and played bad today, and I get mystified.”

Nebraska receivers dropped three touchdown passes and the Huskers lost a critical fumble in a 20-13 loss to Texas. Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert was a miserable 4-16 for 62 yards passing in the game.

One person not-so-mystified by the Longhorns this season is venerable AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN columnist Kirk Bohls, who after the Nebraska win in Lincoln wrote of the anemic production of the Texas receiving corps:

Texas wide receivers coach Bobby Kennedy and Brown’s staff have made more than their share of misevaluations in recruiting, dating to the 2006 class of Philip Payne, Montre Webber and Josh Marshall that produced nil. Nor did Texas go hard after Terrence Toliver (LSU) or Dez Bryant (formerly Oklahoma State). Academic issues were a consideration, but Texas has taken chances on other players.

The 2008 crop hasn’t delivered either. Neither DeSean Hales nor Brock Fitzhenry have seen the field.

Outside the Austin City Limits, college football observers are generally unimpressed with Gilbert’s skills. Inside the Austin City Limits, they’re lamenting the lack of quality receivers.

Then there’s the Texas defense, demolished by Iowa State Saturday and a UCLA one-dimensional attack that produced a 34-12 win in Austin despite 24 passing yards. That same, lopsided UCLA offensive scheme produced exactly zero points at home against Stanford this season.

Sure doesn’t look like an attitude problem is the only reason Texas is struggling this season.

But if Brown is indeed right, wonder what could’ve caused it?