Video: Tim Tebow Suffers Concussion At Kentucky

Well now I feel awful.

Tim Tebow Concussion Kentucky Video

Today I wrote of the disingenuous concern over head injuries in football by fans and media.

But how can you react any differently to Tim Tebow’s concussion at Kentucky today? (Kirk Herbstreit reports on ABC Saturday night that Tebow is being held overnight at a Kentucky hospital for precautionary reasons.)

UPDATE: The SPORTING NEWS reports “Tebow had a CT scan that indicated ‘no bleeding on the brain,’ a source close to the team told Sporting News late Saturday night. The source said Tebow probably had a ‘bad concussion.’

Video after the jump.

You aren’t human if you don’t cringe at this clip.

Though I still don’t think my piece was necessarily a flawed observation. Tebow would be the first to tell you that plays like that in football are a necessary evil.

Okay, knowing him, he might not refer to it exactly that way, but you know what I mean.