Video: Tim And Pam Tebow Anti-Abortion Spot

Here is the first of two anti-abortion ads from Focus on the Family featuring Tim Tebow and his mom Pam.

Tim and Pam Tebow Abortion Super Bowl Ad

Pam Tebow: “I call him my miracle baby. He almost didn’t make it into this world. I remember so many times when I almost lost him. It was so hard. Well he’s all grown up now, and I still worry about his health. Everybody treats him like he’s different, but to me, he’s just my baby. He’s my Timmy, and I love him.

Tim Tebow: “Thanks mom. Love you too.

The spot already aired during the CBS Super Bowl pregame show. The second spot will air during the first quarter of the game.

As I wrote earlier, I never expected the ad to be anything but innocuous. The spot(s) are more an attempt to legitimize Focus on the Family as a mainstream organization - with Tebow as cover. The abortion thing is merely a vehicle to that end.