Blogs: Video Suggests Someone Go Gillooly on Tom Brady

• SI’s EXTRA MUSTARD takes a whack at this macabre music video suggesting someone Go Gillooly on Tom Brady:

Go Gillooly video

• THE SPORTS HERNIA wails out the lucky 13 places Curt Schilling is willing to (bloody) sock it to you.• EPIC CARNIVAL’s got it all scheduled out, as they turn the page with their sports calendar.

SPORTS REVIEW MAGAZINE digs deep into the crypt, and unearths the terror of Mike Tyson & Bobby Brown doing the Monster Mash:

Mike Tyson Bobby Brown Monster Mash

• BOBBY BOSWELL dials up a dream that’s now a reality - D.C. United ringtones.• STEROID NATION runs over to tell us that a tainted Greek sprinter wants Marion Jones’ tainted gold medal.