Video: Stanford Players Taunting USC With Chants

After Jim Harbaugh took a slap at Pete Carroll upon his hire at Stanford three years ago, no one should be surprised that the The Card didn’t exactly purport themselves with class during their 55-21 beatdown of USC today at the L.A. Coliseum.

Stanford Players Taunt USC On-Camera After 55-21 Victory At L.A. Coliseum

The video of Stanford’s Drew Terrell and Ekom Udofia taunting USC fans today with a mock “Fight On” was preceded by Coach Harbaugh’s very own wound-salter.

Jim Harbaugh bush league as he goes for two in USC rout

(Chris Dufresne of LA TIMES, Jerome Solomon of Houston Chronicle)

Up 48-21 late in the fourth quarter, Harbaugh elected to go for two, just to remind everyone just how little respect he apparently has for the Trojans. Seeing as he pulled his starters on the very next series, Harbaugh won’t be able to argue that going for two was important to the outcome of the game.

I know, I know, it’s payback for last year. But why go there?

Not that anyone is expecting Harbaugh to show good judgement. Just ask Lloyd Carr or the California Highway Patrol.