Video: Police Give Details On Jasper Howard Death

UConn Police Major Ronald Blicher gave a press conference today in Storrs. He provided some details of the ongoing investigation into the death of Jasper Howard: Here are some of his comments from the Q&A portion of the presser:

Jasper Howard Murdered In UConn Campus Stabbing

“It happened in front of witnesses … We have been interviewing people throughout the night and day (that saw the stabbing). … Second victim is a UConn student. … There’s no indication that act was pre-meditated. We have no reason to believe that he (suspect) is a danger to our community. (The stabbing was) subsequent to an altercation that occurred. This was not a random act of violence.”

A fire alarm was pulled before the killings, but Blicher said he didn’t believe it was a pre-meditated part of the crime. The stabbings happened in close proximity, but exact distance between stabbings is not known. Blicher said it was the first homicide in recent memory (on Storrs campus): “I do not recall one in the last 30 years.”

Video of his press conference after the jump.