Video: Ohio St. Player Proposes At Team Banquet

Doug Lesmerises has a piece in the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, via Da Wiz, that the ladies I know will love.

Ohio State Football Player Proposes At Banquet

Lesmerises reports Ohio State offensive lineman Jim Cordle recently had the delightfully romantic notion that he should propose to his fiancee at the Buckeyes season-ending football banquet.

Cordle planned it out for a year, enlisted the help of his future mother-in-law, told many of his teammates and then dropped to a knee at the end of his remarks. Kerry McNally, a third-year Ohio State law student who has been dating Cordle for more than four years, said yes.

Video of the poignant moment (in front of 85 fat, sweaty guys toothpicking carrot cake remains) after the jump.

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Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel aptly observed, “He extended our banquet by 15 minutes because he kept rambling and thanking all these other people and hesitating. But he did a great job once he pulled the trigger.

Ohio State senior Jim Cordle proposes

Kind of a cool thing. I guess. If you’re in Ohio. (I covered the Buckeyes for five years in Columbus and co-hosted Kirk Herbsteit’s daily show on the team’s flagship radio station - I should know.)