Video Of Woman ‘Sucked Into’ Barkley DUI Scene? has surveillance video today of a woman near the scene of Charles Barkley’s DUI on New Year’s Eve.

Charles Barkley DUI Video Woman In Video

The tape — which also shows a cop car from the DUI task force pursuing Barkley — was shot from a nearby building in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 31. You first see a woman walking down the street. A short time later, you see Barkley’s SUV blow a stop sign, and head in her direction. It appears the SUV stops up the street and picks her up.

TMZ posted that copy, so don’t shoot the messenger after you view the video.

Video link.

Of course, the significance of the video is Barkley told officers that night he ran a stop sign because he was looking for a woman “around the corner” to perform oral sex on him.

Charles Barkley Blowjob

Two things from the video. It was interesting to note the limo that blew through a stop sign before Barkley did the same moments later.

And after watching the video several times, it didn’t appear to me that Barkley’s “SUV stops up the street and picks her up.”

But if you read the headline and copy from the TMZ post, you would certainly think that going in.

Guys, isn’t there someone from The Hills overdosing you can sick your homeless guys trespassing cameramen on? Please, leave the rest of us alone.

UPDATE: Commenter Hurriance Ike Turner (classy) makes comment I should’ve written: If Barkley had picked her up, she would’ve been in the car when he was arrested.