Video Of Rockets’ Alston DWI Arrest Hits the Net

Yesterday jurors saw video of Rafer Alston’s DWI arrest. The raw footage, from the dashboard of the police cruiser, shows the Rockets point guard being alternately belligerent and accommodating, at one point leaning over the hood of his car while telling officers to “take me in.”

Rafer Alston Arrest

Alston was pulled over early in the morning of August 7th for driving erratically, and having his headlights off. He admitted to having “3 or 4″ drinks at Pandora, a popular lounge in Houston (though he changes that story to “two vodka cranberries” once he’s in the backseat of the cop car). Alston refused a breathalyzer or field sobriety tests. And I have to give him credit: he holds out until the 1:18 mark of this video before pulling out the “I play ball, man. I play for the Houston Rockets, man” card. (See the arrest, after the jump.)

The video of the traffic stop is hosted by the HOUSTON CHRONICLE here. At one point, the arresting officer gets a little fed up with Alston’s arguing, and tells him “I’m nice and cool and polite to you. You’re the one with the attitude. You stepping to me all wrong.”

The bizzare part is when Alston decides he’s had enough and leans over the hood of his car with his hands behind his back as if to be cuffed, despite the protests of the arresting officer, who hasn’t yet mentioned anything about arresting or booking Alston.

Alston: “I’m not doing any tests. You want to take me in? Take me in. You’re just going to take me in anyway.”

Officer: “OK, not a problem.”

The trial is expected to end Monday. This is the second arrest in a year for Alston, who was charged with public intoxication and assault last summer. Those charges were later dropped. Personally, the saddest part about this is that Skip 2 My Lou, whom I saw play many times at Rucker, now drives an Aston Martin.