Video Of Ohio State Fans Destroying Florida Mascot In Columbus

BUCKEYE STUDENT BODY TAKES FLORIDA GATOR BAIT: Nike posted a clever viral ad recently on Youtube disguised as an amusing video account of what happens when you erect a replica of the University of Florida Gator mascot, “Alfred”, near the Ohio State campus.

Florida Mascot Ohio State

The mascot was placed in front of a fast food joint (as to attract the max amount of OSU students) adjacent to the Ohio State quad, just days after Florida embarrassed heavily-favored OSU in the BCS championship game.

Florida Mascot Destroyed By Ohio State Fans

The unprotected styrofoam statue lasted just a few hours in its original state before it was broken into bits by Buckeye fans.

It’s an impressive feat by the OSU students, considering only two statues have been sacked faster:

Saddam Statue Pulled Down